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Standing tall comes naturally in a county that year after year is a leading producer in the Mississippi central “Wood Basket” region, boasting more than 160,000 acres of forested woodland, including more than 58,000 acres of pine, more than 87,000 acres of hardwood, and soaring growth rates averaging 8% in pulpwood and 15% in saw timber. Yet our standing tall is not only the result of nature’s bounty; it’s also a result of strategic stewardship. Montgomery County is an excellent example of why and how growing populations need not be a detriment to the preservation and growth of natural resources.

In Montgomery County we understand that meticulous and innovative management is the key to sustaining growth. That’s true in growing towering pines through the latest scientific techniques. It’s also true in nurturing high performance industry and business through innovative financing as well as collaboration with multiple regional alliances, all together producing the ideal growing conditions for 21st century success.

For example, as a TIF (Tax Increment Financing) community, Montgomery County is strategically resourced for targeted redevelopment and for construction of key infrastructure projects as needed by industry. As a member of Mississippi’s North Central Planning District (NCPD), Montgomery County also provides access to a wealth of services, including grant applications and administration for funding of a variety of county and industry infrastructure projects such as roads (including access roads) and water and sewer service. Additionally, NCPD lends support for planning and zoning, housing and other essential services.

And our focus extends beyond state borders to bring benefits to our business, with a “Winner’s Circle” that reaches out to the entire region, as Montgomery County is also one of only two Mississippi counties belonging to both the Delta Regional Authority and the Appalachian Regional Commission. This makes county industry eligible for access to funding for a variety of purposes, ranging from public infrastructure, education and healthcare services to job creation and job retention for local employers.

These kinds of deep and sustainable resources make Montgomery County a powerful home and ally not only for new industry but also for the region’s existing industry such as Screw Conveyor Corporation in Montgomery County and the nearby Anel Corporation, leading metal fabricators enjoying long-time success. Anel Corporation is also a leader in Mississippi’s enHance program, a voluntary stewardship program recognizing environmental leaders.

The bottom line: Success that is sustainable in every way, financial as well environmental, makes Montgomery County the right choice for companies ready for a green and flourishing future.

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