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Taxes & Incentives

Look closer at Montgomery County, and two things are immediately clear: Our trees and business grow strong and tall. And our transportation assets—whether truck, train or plane—move fast. Speed and power are qualities that are also immediately clear when you look closer at Montgomery County incentives.

Mississippi has always been ahead of the curve in offering world-class incentives, and the state continues to lead in this category, recently named one of the top in the nation for incentives by Business Facilities Magazine. Here in Montgomery County, we make sure the full range of state incentives flows freely and swiftly to new and existing business operations, from ad valorem to Freeport warehousing to sales tax and use exemptions. City and county officials work cohesively and closely with the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) to provide strong and supple financial support from startup through expansion, with a specially assigned MDA Project Manager ensuring custom service in the administration of all applicable state and federal incentives.

In Montgomery County, your operation enjoys the ongoing benefits of a world-class workforce that is also strong and supple. Your team works faster and smarter, with skills honed by customized no- or low-cost training provided through the coordinated and collaborative efforts of seasoned trainers at both the state and local levels. Our local trainer, Holmes Community College, is a recognized leader in preparing workers to reach and exceed global quality standards.  In the classroom or on the shop floor, our training delivers.

Montgomery is also positioned to help you grow your operation swiftly and smoothly through the strategic financial assistance of multiple regional alliances, including North Central Planning and Development, Delta Regional Authority and the Appalachian Regional Authority. What’s more, as a TIF community, Montgomery County also provides a need-ready resource for redevelopment or infrastructure projects. Whether it’s building access roads to your site, or providing your operation access to critical funding programs, Montgomery works fast and powerfully to put your operation in a winning position.

One more important incentive: Montgomery County residents of one year or more are qualified to access the Sumner Grant, which provides tuition-free education at some of the state’s top institutions of higher education, including Holmes Community  College, the University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, Millsaps University, and the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Fast and powerful, here, now and in the future, Montgomery County incentives are designed to create success for all and rewards of all kinds. Look closer; you’ll see.


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