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The power of choice: Electricity from top providers.

At the Crossroads Industrial Park, your operation is assured of excellent service and rates, with these top providers to choose from:

Entergy – Named one of the Top Utilities in Economic Development in 2017 by Site Selection Magazine, Entergy is a powerful partner in your company’s success, and a powerful supporter not only of a thriving economy here in Winona-Montgomery County, but also of a thriving, sustainable planet. Entergy is one of only five U.S. electric utilities named to the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index, achieving perfect scores in the focus areas of labor practice indicators, biodiversity, climate strategy, and water-related risks. Entergy was also the first U.S. utility to voluntarily commit to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions.

Delta Electric Power Corporation – The roots of this 13-county electrical cooperative run deep, all the way back to 1938. At the time, few predicted the long-term survival of electrical cooperatives, which were founded during the 1930s specifically to provide electricity to rural America. And yet DEPC has not only survived, it has succeeded and, more importantly, helped its customers to succeed, combining outstanding service and supply with low costs, through its not-for-profit structure that supports businesses and families as they grow and thrive together.

Atmos Energy – With Atmos, your operation is supported by the size and strength of one of the largest natural gas-only distributors in the U.S. Even as natural gas is becoming the preferred transportation fuel for fleets of all kinds, it is also becoming the preferred vehicle for bottom-line savings for businesses relying on natural gas to power their business and manufacturing facilities. And in 2017, the company spent nearly $90 million in pipeline upgrades, ensuring safe, low-cost distribution long into the future.

Municipal water – Today, municipally-sourced water is one of the best values available, and the water service, supply, and costs are an important reason why profits are flowing to Winona-Montgomery County industry, including the tenants at the Crossroads Industrial Park, where a 250,000-gallon water tank assures a powerfully steady supply.

Data – Certified fiber-ready by AT&T, the Crossroads Industrial Park is ready to support data-intensive services and provide superior levels of security and backup. In Winona-Montgomery County, your operation enjoys all the resources necessary for smoother, more cost-competitive operations that help you put out a better product at a lower price, while putting the world at your door in every way.


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