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Workforce Training

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Building effectively requires a strong foundation. That's especially true when you’re building an effective workforce that’s both flexible and skilled enough for global competitiveness, which is why Winona-Montgomery County is addressing every foundational need from the ground up. In the winner-takes-all global economy, the Winner’s Circle of Winona-Montgomery County isn’t just geographic and logistical, it’s also a holistic strategy connecting and driving improvements in all labor components for maximum performance.

It begins with a regional labor shed of over 37,000 and a local available force of over 2,000, in a county where the work ethic is still a powerful and empowering force. That ethic, combined with effective K-12 schooling, results in graduates who are college- and career-ready. Winona-Montgomery County adds further strength to our labor chain with participation in the ACT Work-Ready Community program. The National Career Readiness Certificate (ACT® WorkKeys® NCRC®) is an assurance of worker skill and fluency in workplace documents, applied math, and graphic literacy, all foundational to work readiness in today’s global industrial environment. While the school system facilitates this readiness – high school juniors and seniors take the NCRC exam, earning one of four levels of proficiency – local employers are also embracing the program, incentivizing workers for achievement of certification.

WorkKeys isn’t the only key to Winona-Montgomery County’s rock-solid workforce foundation; a uniquely strong network of state resources underpins the county’s carefully aimed and coordinated job training efforts that assure both custom-tailored training and critical employer support. Together, Mississippi’s local WIN employment center and Holmes Community College (HCC) work as a team with Montgomery County’s Economic Development staff to answer every employer need, from startup through expansion. That includes recruitment, targeted skills training at either HCC or on the shop floor, and even training for expansion.

When you’re building your business, it’s good to know your workforce has the right skillset and the right mindset, each facilitating the other for global performance and both powerfully supporting your success. It’s the perfect circle – the Winner’s Circle of Winona-Montgomery County.


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